In order to enable text messaging on your Omnivoice account, please contact our support team via email or chat.

The Business SMS feature (Text Messaging) allows you to send and receive text messages to/from your Omnivoice business numbers. Text messaging is available both online, and on your mobile devices via the Omnivoice mobile app for iPhone and Android.

Toll-free numbers might require additional verification, local numbers must have a registered A2P brand & campaign for uninterrupted SMS traffic.

  • Text messaging is available for 10-digit local and toll-free phone numbers.
  • A single message includes up to 160 characters. You can send larger texts, each 160 symbols of which will considered and billed as a one message.
  • You can also send and receive MMS messages through your Omnivoice account.

Text messaging to international and shortcode numbers isn’t supported.

Sending and receiving SMS via the web panel

1. Go to the Journal and click on Send Message to bring up a pop-up with your text message thread.

2. If you have several business numbers, select the one you’ll be sending a message from in the drop-down list (by default, your most recently used number will be shown first).

3. Enter a destination phone number.

4. Enter your text message, then click on Send. You can see how many segments of 160 symbols your message includes before sending it out.

5. All text messages can be viewed in your Journal, they are shown in threads.

Sending and receiving SMS via the mobile app

Sending & Receiving MMS

You can send pictures, videos, documents, archives and other files as MMS by adding an attachment to your message with the plus button that has the Add file option. Once the files are attached, the message will toggle to MMS type.

Please note that not all the formats that are available for local business numbers will work for toll-free ones. For more details, see Supported MMS Formats.

You can only preview 4 attachments. To see them all, click the Plus button to expand the module.

A singe MMS can include up to 10 attachments, up to 500KB in total. Images and documents have a preview option. Your attachments are stored on the server for 6 months after the files were sent/received.

Disabling text messaging

You can disable text messaging in the Numbers & Web Widgets section for the desired phone numbers.

Toggle the green Text Messaging slider to stop sending and receiving texts for the desired phone number. You can enable the text messaging feature again at any time!

Deleting messages

1. Open a message thread in the web panel or in the mobile app.

2. Right-click on a message (on the web) or long tap it (n the mobile app).

3. Once you see a Delete prompt, click or tap on it to delete the selected message.

Supported MMS Formats

Format Local numbers Toll-Free numbers
jpg +
jpeg + +
png + +
gif + +
bmp + +
tif/tiff +
3gp +
mp4 + +
flv +
mov +
mp3 +
wav + +
vcf/vcard +
csv +
txt + +
rtf +
pdf +
zip +