The Campaign Registry (TCR) is the organization partnering with mobile carriers to help register messaging brands & campaigns for businesses, so that they could send SMS/MMS messages on their local phone numbers.

TCR, along with SMS aggregators, mobile carriers, and third-party vetting services, charges fees for managing these registrations based on specific use cases or SMS traffic volumes required by the carriers.

Omnivoice is collecting the fees for TCR without applying any additional charges for messaging brand & campaign registrations.

Please note that the following fees are charged in USD and are non-refundable.

Brand Registration & Reverify Fees

Brand registration fee
$4 (one-time)
Brand reverify fee
$4 (one-time)
Brand identity status appeal fee
$10 (one-time)

Brand registration fee is a one-time payment for officially registering your business with TCR. A registered messaging brand will help prevent potential scammers from impersonating your business and sending spam messages.

If you are using different phone numbers for different businesses of yours, each business must have a separately registered brand.

Brand reverify fee is another one-time payment charged every time your brand is resubmitted, if there was a discrepancy or lack of details for TCR to verify it. This fee is charged regardless of your brand submission getting accepted or rejected.

Brand identity status appeal fee is a one-time charge for the manual review of a brand registration that hasn’t been verified, and additional information on the business is required. Omnivoice may ask you for a copy of an IRS letter or articles of incorporation/organization in order to place an appeal and complete the registration of the messaging brand.

Campaign Fees

Campaign vetting fee
$15 (one-time)
Low volume campaign monthly fee (for businesses sending less than 15,000 messages per month) $1.5 per month (with a 3-month minimum commitment)
Regular campaign monthly fee (for businesses sending more than 15,000 messages per month) $10 per month (with a 3-month minimum commitment)

TCR requires a minimum 3-month commitment for every messaging campaign, which means that you will be charged for 3 months of campaign fees once your campaign is created. After 3 months, you will be charged campaign fees monthly.

Campaign fees include a vetting fee charged for every submission of your messaging campaign, and monthly fees based on your SMS usage. Registering your use case in a messaging campaign allows carriers to gain a better understanding of how you utilize SMS and detect any potential misuse or malicious activities on your phone numbers. It also helps prevent your messages from being mistakenly flagged or seen as policy violations.

If you have a specific use case, such as messaging for charity, political activities, etc., or you need to include more than 49 phone numbers in a single messaging campaign, please contact Omnivoice support team for assistance.