Omnivoice allows you to make and receive calls from your computer using third-party softphones.

Getting your connection details

1. Before you set up your softphone, you first must register a new personal contact and get your connection details. Go to My Profile > My Forwarding Numbers to start the process.

2. Click on the Add softphone (SIP account) link.

3. Make sure to save your changes.

4. Then click on the Get connection details link.

5. Here you can view your connection details. You can use these credentials to create your SiP account for a third-party SIP phone (see a list below).

  • Server address (domain)
  • Login (User ID)
  • Password

Using your business number (Caller ID) for outbound calls

Fill in the phone number (the 11 digits format, 18442109796 for example) you want to use as a Caller ID in the Caller ID / Display Name field.