Presence Status

    Setting status: Available/DND

    You are also provided with a personal presence status showing whether you’re available to talk or you’re busy. To change your status, simply click the slider on the top bar on the desktop:
    presence status

    or mobile app:

    presence indicator omnivoice mobile

    Call handling options

    This presence status can be used to define different call handling options.

    Go to your Profile > Answering rules.

    You can specify different actions for three situations:

    • your presence is set to Do not disturb — disconnect or leave voicemail;
    • your line is Busy — hold incoming call, disconnect or leave voicemail;
    • in case you Don’t answer — disconnect or leave voicemail.

    You can add a default or personal audio message to each outcome informing callers of any important info.

    To change this, click on the blocs at the end of the visual flowchart.

    voicemail greeting omnivoice

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