Multi-level IVR is an IVR that allows creating a voice menu with a wider choice of paths in your call flow. This is crucial for the following use cases, among others:

  1. Your company provides services in different languages.
  2. Your company has several offices or departments, and the incoming calls should be directed accordingly.

Setting up multi-level IVR

To set multi-level IVR for your call flow, you would need to set up a single-level IVR first.

  • Click on the Action menu (a circle of seven dots).

  • Select Voice Menu.

  • Record your own greeting for the voice menu, for example, For English, press 1. For Spanish, press 2.

  • To add the second level of the IVR, choose the Voice menu for option 1 and upload a file with further instructions in English (e.g. for Sales press 1, for Support press 2). The chosen actions (e.g. for Sales/Support) should be selected on the second level.

  • For option 2, again, choose Voice menu and upload instructions in Spanish. Once done, set your options on the second level.

To return to the previous level, a caller can press * (star). You can also add this to your voice instructions for easier navigation.

The maximum number of IVR levels is 10, yet for the best user experience, we do not recommend creating more than two.

Don’t forget to click on Save changes to save your progress!