There are three connection methods that can be used in your mobile app. You can access them by tapping on the antenna icon (for Android) or the three dots (for iOS) in the upper right corner of the screen.

IP Telephony

The default connection method is IP Telephony. In most cases, it is your Wi-Fi network. Your Omnivoice talk minutes are used when making calls through IP Telephony. It is more preferable than the others as it provides a stable connection and the best call quality.

Mixed Method

Mixed Method is used when there is some Internet connection available, but it is poor or unstable (e.g. you are on your way to your workplace).

It is important to mention that while using the Mixed Method, the call will go through your Omnivoice business number, it will also be displayed for your clients; yet it is your cell phone provider’s minutes that are used. Also, the switch of the methods will end the current call.

If during the call, your connection becomes unstable, you will see the following popup message if you click on the red indicator. It means that the Mixed Method can be used instead to enhance the call quality. To do so, tap on End call, switch to Mixed, navigate to the upper right corner of the app and choose the Mixed Method.

Please note that for using the Mixed Method, it is crucial that the cell phone number of your mobile device matches the number specified under Profile > My forwarding numbers. Otherwise, the app will not know what number to use, thus will not be able to make an outbound call.

Cellular Network (Cell)

The third method is the Cellular Network or Cell. Use it when you don’t have any Internet connection. This method copies the number you want to call to your native phone book and uses your cell phone provider minutes to make a call.

Your business number will not be displayed, and the calls will ring from your cell phone number.

So, basically, this method only copies the phone number from the Omnivoice app and pastes it to your phone to call from your SIM card.

It may be used when you were on a call with a client and had a good connection, then it suddenly shut down, you have no more Internet, but you need to continue the call.