Setting up call screening

Go to My Profile > Additional Settings and click Enable incoming call screening, and then Save changes to turn the feature on.

Using call screening once it’s enabled

With every incoming call you receive, there will be a quick call menu presented to you, saying something along the lines of:

  • Press 1 to accept this call;
  • Press 2 to decline and send this call to voicemail;
  • Press 3 to decline and send this call to voicemail, and set your status to DnD.

Which devices support call screening?

You can screen calls on any device:

  1. In your webphone;
  2. On your mobile phone;
  3. On your deskphone/ softphone*.

*To enable call forwarding to an external softphone or an IP deskphone, you’ll need to upgrade to the Company plan and then connect your device/app to Omnivoice.