With the call recording feature, you can be sure that you never miss a word of a conversation with a client. It also allows you to work with your employees to address weak spots in their sales pitches and how they can better do their work.

  • If you’ve enabled the Call Recording option, you automatically give your consent to call recording on your end. Your customers will hear the automated verbal announcement: “This call may be recorded for quality assurance” when the call recording has been initiated. By continuing, they give their implicit consent to be recorded.
  • The maximum duration is 90 minutes per recording. If you have a call that is going to go over this limit, and you need it recorded, you can simply hang up and quickly call again.
  • Calls recorded within the Omnivoice system are only stored for 1 year before being automatically removed. To avoid losing any call recordings, you can download your call records at any time in the Journal.

Enabling call recording

The call recording feature is by default enabled for all your phone numbers. You can adjust this option in the Numbers & Web Widgets section, by clicking on the gear icon.

Changing/removing your call recording announcement

Under the same gear icon, you can upload an alternative announcement to let your callers know that incoming calls are being recorded. Click on the Add Greeting button to add a new announcement.

You can also remove the announcement by disabling the recording for incoming calls.

Listening to recorded calls

You can listen to all recorded calls in the Journal.