Omnivoice voicemail

When using default settings, calls will go to your voicemail only when:

  1. Your status is set to Do Not Disturb;
  2. You do not answer (for whatever reason).

Should the caller receive no answer, they will hear the standard voicemail message: “Please leave your message after the tone.” However, if you have recorded your own custom voicemail greeting, it will play instead.

You can change the voicemail in your personal settings. To do so:

  1. Go to your Profile.
  2. Click the tab labeled Answering Rules.

Here you can change the automatic message used when you are busy (i.e. already talking to someone on the phone), your phone is in the Do Not Disturb mode, or when you simply choose not to respond.

In addition, in the tab labeled Greetings & Media, you can add your own personal voicemail message.

Call waiting

Call waiting is a feature that notifies the user that there is another call on the line and allows handling it.

Call waiting only works for the incoming calls via the Call to user action.

This feature is enabled by default. To disable it, navigate to Profile > Answering Rules > Busy. The last action under Busy rule should be anything but Call waiting. To enable it, choose Call waiting instead.

How to avoid sending calls to personal VM

When forwarding a call to your cellphone number, there are 2 parties handling the call simultaneously on your end: Omnivoice and your personal cell carrier (AT&T, Verizon, etc.).

If your personal voicemail is set up with your carrier, the calls may be routed there instead of to Omnivoice, provided the following conditions occur:

  1. You have manually disconnected/declined a call that had been forwarded to your cellphone number. It would be better to let these calls ring through when you are not available rather than physically declining it.
  2. The call has timed out on your carrier’s end before doing so in Omnivoice system.

Usually, most carriers have their timeouts set to around 25 seconds. To make sure that the caller won’t reach your personal voicemail, it’s recommended to adjust the cellphone timeout settings on your Profile My Forwarding Numbers to 24 seconds or less.

Don’t set it too low, or you may miss some calls!