Available on the Company plan only.

Agents have the following access to account sections:

  • Call Flow and Team: only view permissions;
  • Account and Numbers & Web widgets are unavailable.

Agents cannot manage their access level or change their role.

Access to calls & voicemails

Agents can have one of three levels of access to calls and voicemails: PersonalCalling group or Call flow:

By default, all Agents have the Calling group access level.

  • Personal: Agents can only access the calls that they participated in. If someone else made/received a call, it won’t be shown in their Journal.
  • Calling group: Agents can access all the calls that went through the Calling group they are a part of. This level includes the Personal level.
  • Call flow: Agents can access all the calls that went through the call flow they are a part of. This is the highest level that includes the previous two.

Access to messages

With this feature, you can assign the business number(s) the Agent will have access to, meaning this Agent will be able to view and send SMS/MMS from the selected business number(s).

In the example below, the Agent will see all messages coming to local numbers: NYLAToronto, and San Francisco. They will also be able to send messages from these numbers.

However, messages sent to/from toll-free numbers will be unavailable for the Agent.

Access to outgoing calls

Just like with messages, you can assign the business numbers the Agent will be able to use for outgoing calls.

If set up properly, the Agent may have access to messages for all business numbers, but will be able to make outbound calls only from certain ones, or none of them.