Business Hours

    Customers are going to call your business number at all times of the day — including at night and on weekends. If you’re a small business, you need to be flexible enough to handle these calls at any time. Now of course, that’s not really possible in a literal sense- there are going to be times when even the most committed business owners just can’t get to the phone. The solution is to set up business hours and rules for handling incoming calls during them, as well as to route calls received during non-business hours to a voicemail or to a specific phone line.

    Omnivoice’s web panel gives you this necessary flexibility and makes it straightforward to easily set and alter your operating hours. You have multiple choices when it comes to doing so: you can set specific times when an after-hours call should be forwarded (and to whom it should be forwarded to!), or you can simply send the caller straight to voicemail. It’s all up to you!

    How to configure your business hours

    1. Go to “Call Flows.”
    2. Click on the “At all hours (24/7)” block.
    3. Select the “Have Business Hours” option.
    4. Define your business hours and holidays as needed. Click “OK.”
    5. Your call flow now has 2 parts — business hours and after hours.
    6. Select your greetings and an appropriate method for call handling. For instance, you can forward all calls after business hours to voicemail.
    7. Save changes.

    Business hours

    Note: Click on the “Schedule” block and select the “Available 24 hours” option to reset this option.

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