To add a phone number to your Omnivoice account, you can either get an additional one from Omnivoice, or you can port in a phone number you’re already using. Both can be done in the Numbers & Web widgets section.

Adding a local or toll-free number

1. Click on Add local or Toll-free number if you would like to add more numbers to your Omnivoice account.

2. A pop-up will show up with an option to choose a local or a toll-free number.

3. For local numbers, please specify the state & city first to see the numbers in stock.

Toll-free numbers are shown at once, you can look up a specific combination of digits in the Vanity search tab.

4. Select a number and confirm. This will now be the main number on your account by default, but you can create separate rules for it (for example, if you want to use another greeting).

Adding an international number

International number add-ons cost $10/month + taxes per number.

1. Click on Add local or Toll-free number, then select Add international number in the drop-down list.

2. Submit the request to add an international number to our support team.

3. In order to enable international calling on your account, our support team will ask you to undergo a short verification and provide them with the current government-issued ID for the Omnivoice account owner.

The identification must bе current and should include both a full name, and a photo (driver’s license, passport, or green card).

4. If you already have international calling enabled on your Omnivoice account, or you’ve passed the verification successfully, our support team will reach out to you and add the requested international number to your account.

Porting your number to Omnivoice

Click on Port in Your Number if you want to port in your existing number. It is free of charge. Learn more how to port your number to Omnivoice.

Deleting a business number

If you’d like to have your phone number deleted (for example, if you need to add one more numbers, and you’re not planning to add another number slot at the moment), you can do it in the Numbers & Web widgets section: