What are Texts and MMS?

Text messaging, or SMS (Short Message Service), has been a staple in personal and business communication, enabling the exchange of brief text-only messages. MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service), an extension of SMS, allows for the sending of pictures, audio, video, and larger amounts of text.

Texts and MMS with Omnivoice

Omnivoice, a pioneering VoIP provider, introduces a new level of business communication by integrating Texts and MMS. Omnivoice’s platform supports the seamless exchange of texts and multimedia messages across your business, enhancing customer engagement and interaction.

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Benefits of Using Texts and MMS in Business

  • Enhanced Marketing Strategy: With texts and MMS, you can send promotional content, product updates, or event information directly to customers’ mobile devices, keeping them engaged and informed.
  • Improved Customer Service: Texts and MMS provide an additional channel for customer support, offering quick, convenient communication that enhances the customer experience.
  • Increased Efficiency: Sending and receiving texts & MMS can streamline communication, especially for time-sensitive or urgent matters.
  • Omnivoice & GDPR Compliance: Omnivoice ensures that its text and MMS features adhere to GDPR standards, prioritizing data privacy and granting users control over their personal information. Every message is protected with stringent security measures in line with EU regulations.

Leveraging Texts and MMS for KPIs and Marketing

Using Texts and MMS can significantly impact key performance indicators (KPIs) in your business, such as customer engagement, conversion rates, and customer satisfaction. By incorporating these channels into your marketing strategies, you can reach a larger audience, send personalized messages, and get immediate responses.

Setting Up Texts and MMS with Omnivoice

Omnivoice makes setting up texts and MMS effortless with its user-friendly interface. It is an add-on feature, at the cost of $15 per 1000 SMS and $5 per 100 MMS.

  1. Contact support@omnivoice.ai and inform the Omnivoice support team about your interest in adding texts and MMS to your current plan.
  2. The support will provide you with the registration forms to fill out.
  3. In order to guarantee message deliverability to the three major US carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon), you will need to register your business with the Campaign Registry (TCR).
  4. Each TCR registration costs $15, one-time payment. The brand application fee is $4 per application, one-time.
  5. After the above steps have been completed, the Omnivoice team will add the texts and/or MMS to your plan.
  6. Feel free to ask for assistance, our support team is always happy to answer any questions and provide further assistance.

Harness the power of text and multimedia messaging with Omnivoice. Start engaging your customers in a more personalized, direct way today.