What is Omnivoice’s Deskphone Integration?

Omnivoice deskphone is a process that allows connecting your virtual telephone system to physical deskphone devices. This integration provides a more traditional way of communicating while combining it with the more advanced VoIP features.

How Does It Work?

This integration enables calls to be routed through Omnivoice to your deskphones, allowing you to use all the benefits of VoIP, such as number flexibility and advanced calling features, along with the convenience of using standard phones.

How Do You Set It Up?

To set up this integration, you’ll need to connect your deskphones to Omnivoice in the settings after the plan purchase. This may involve configuring SIP settings on the phones to synchronize them with your Omnivoice account.

Omnivoice offers flexibility with a wide range of industry-leading deskphones, including:

  • Cisco SPA303
  • Cisco SPA 112
  • Aastra 6731i
  • Snom 300
  • Yealink W52P
  • Yealink SIP-T19P
  • Grandstream HT701
  • GrandStream GXP1610

Note: While Omnivoice does not support analog desk phones, it covers many digital deskphone models.

Enhance Business Communications with Omnivoice’s Deskphone Integration

Combining traditional and modern communication methods can greatly improve the success and flexibility of a business’s communication system. Omnivoice brings these two together, allowing businesses to use both advanced and traditional communication methods.

Advantages of Integrating Deskphones with Omnivoice:

  • Uninterrupted Communication: Experience crystal-clear call quality with high-quality deskphones complemented by Omnivoice’s features.
  • Easy Transition: Move effortlessly between deskphone calls and other Omnivoice features, ensuring you never miss a business opportunity: read texts, send MMS, write notes, and check the analytics.
  • Consistent Business Identity: Use your business number across various devices, maintaining a consistent business presence.

The Other Option: Omnivoice’s Softphone

On top of the deskphone feature, Omnivoice also offers a softphone to its users. A softphone is the software that allows making phone calls over the internet using a computer or another device instead of a traditional phone handset.

Omnivoice’s Built-in Softphone

Omnivoice features a built-in softphone (also known as a webphone), which enables users to make and receive calls directly from a web browser.

How to Enable It:

The built-in softphone in Omnivoice can be activated through either opening Omnivoice in your browser. Once you have selected and paid for your plan, log into your account, and you will find the dashboard with all the available features, including the dial pad. Users can configure their call preferences and manage them directly from their account, ensuring the ease of use.

Benefits of Omnivoice’s Softphone:

  • Business Calls on the Go: While deskphones provide stability, Omnivoice’s built-in softphone application offers mobility. This web-based dialer is user-friendly, and your softphone number matches your registered Omnivoice business number(s).
  • Efficient Workflow: Team members can handle business calls without needing to switch between different devices.
  • Flexibility in Communication: Stay connected with your business, whether traveling, at home, or in various settings.
  • Centralized Dashboard Access: Manage softphone functionality from the Omnivoice user profile, providing a complete view of all your communications.

Omnivoice effectively combines traditional deskphone communication with modern digital interfaces, offering businesses an integrated and flexible communication solution depending on their specific needs.