Fair Usage Policy

Effective Date: September 1, 2023 

  1. The “Unlimited Minutes” features offered under the Subscription Plans are subject to the Fair Usage Policy. The Fair Usage Policy depends on the Customer’s Subscription Plan.
  2. Unless otherwise indicated on an Order Form:
    • Company Plan and Company Messaging Plan:  Under the “Unlimited Minutes”, the Customer has a limit of forty-five thousand (45,000) inbound and outbound voice minutes per account for each billing month.
    • Solo Messaging Plan, Team Messaging Plan and Company Messaging Plan: Under the “Messaging”, the Customer has a limit of one hundred (100) inbound and outbound messages per Account for each billing month.
  3. The voice minutes under the “Unlimited Minutes” will be calculated on account level and can be shared among Users.
  4. Any unused voice minutes and messages shall expire at the end of each billing month, and will not roll over to the subsequent billing months.
  5. The “Unlimited Minutes” feature is available for all countries except those with call rates greater than USD 0.02/mins.
  6. The “Messaging” feature is available for the Customers who comply with all consent/opt-in requirements, ongoing consent requirements, opt-out/unsubscribe requirements, and correct identification of sender requirements as mentioned in any and all local laws, regulations, and third-party policies.
  7. In the event a Customer exceeds the monthly limit as mentioned above, then the charges for calling and messaging will be applied. Further, the standard rates for each voice minute and message will apply in excess of the monthly limit. The Customer may request support@omnivoice.ai to get more information on the voice minutes and messaging credits.
  8. “Unlimited Minutes” feature may not be used for Trunking or forwarding calls or messages from OMNIVOICE number to another phone number capable of handling multiple simultaneous call or to a private branch exchange or a key system. Further, the messages limit shall not apply to bulk messages or messages sent via workflow automation and SMS bots and standard rates for such bulk messages or messages sent via workflow automation and SMS bots, shall apply.
  9. OMNIVOICE reserves the right to limit, suspend or terminate the Customer’s access to the Service in the event the Customer is found in violation of the Fair Usage Policy.
  10. OMNIVOICE reserves the right to amend any term of the Fair Usage Policy, including the limits mentioned above at any time without notice.