Port Existing Number

    Can I use my current business number with Omnivoice?

    Definitely – you just need to port your line(s) over to Omnivoice, completely free of charge. Both physical and virtual business lines can be transferred over.

    • Porting is available for local phone numbers only!

    How can I port an existing number?

    We will need you to provide the authorized person’s name on the account with the losing carrier, your email under the Omnivoice account and the LOA – Letter of Authorization.

    If you someday decide to leave Omnivoice, you’ll be able to port the same number(s) to your next phone provider, provided they allow for ported numbers.

    How long does it take to port my number?

    Porting orders usually take around a week to complete. While the numbers are being ported – they are still available with the losing carrier so that there’s no downtime in your business.

    Is my number portable?

    We can port over any number to our system but sometimes there are cases where the losing carrier doesn’t approve port-outs. You will need to reach out to your current carrier to see whether your line is eligible to be ported out.

    How does it work?

    1. We contact your current provider as soon as we receive your filled-out porting form.
    2. Omnivoice receives a date from your current provider for when they will allow for your number to be ported (we will then notify you).
    3. When said date arrives, we port in your number. When this is accomplished, you will receive a notification from Omnivoice.

    Where to start?

    Before initiating the porting process, we’d strongly advise you to contact your current carrier and obtain your CSR (Customer Service Record), which contains all the information required for a smooth port-out. If you carrier does not have CSRs, you can just ask for the necessary port-out information for your number. However, the CSR usually speeds up the porting process and prevents any rejections during the whole process.

    If you are porting a Google number, please make sure that this number has been unlocked since Google numbers are locked for porting without paying a $3 fee. A Google Voice account number is a phone number itself. More details:

    To start the process, you need to follow this link, fill out all the fields and attach the most recent invoice from your current carrier + an LOA (Letter of Authorization). You can find templates for the LOA under the “Submit” button.

    During the process of filling out the LOA fields, you might have some difficulties, so we’ve decided to make your life a bit easier and have described all the fields for you. Most likely, you won’t have any questions about the fields if you already have the CSR – in this case, you will just need copy-paste all the information from the CSR.

    Please note that all the fields are mandatory to fill in. For instance, if there is no PIN on your account, please type “n/a”.

    How to submit the LOA form for local numbers?

    • Account PIN is actually the password of your phone number required to pass your porting request through. Some carriers don’t have PINs on their numbers. If you are porting multiple numbers, please find out whether they have the same PIN or different ones. Likewise, if you are unsure if your carrier uses PINS, please ask them before starting the process.
    • Service and Billing Addresses are required to dispute your order effectively. The first one is as per your carrier’s records, while the second one is usually specified on invoices. In most cases the addresses are the same.
    • Billing Telephone Number (BTN) is usually the main number on the account. If you have only one number on the account – this number is your BTN. Thus, the BTN is always one of the numbers you have with the losing carrier. If you are going to port in your BTN, you can select whether the port will be full or partial. A full port typically includes porting the BTN and all numbers on the original account. A partial port allows you to ask for an optional replacement BTN, so that the original account stays open.
    • Printed name – type in the authorized person’s name and sign the LOA, since some of the carriers require the LOA to have a signature.
    • Date – the LOA should be dated within the past 30 days.
    • Local phone number(s) to be ported – list all the numbers you want to port in. Please note, that all numbers must be associated with the same account. If you want more than 10 numbers to be ported, write them down as well.

    If you have any questions when filling out the fields in the LOA please feel free to contact support. We are always happy to help you! Happy porting!

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