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    Omnivoice wants to give you the power to shape your business’ future- and that means the power to shape how you receive calls!! In the call flow section of the Omnivoice web panel, you’ll find nine call routing different possibilities, after hours and greetings have been set. One of those, and the focus of this article, is the Call to Group setting. Call to Group comes in handy when you can separate your staff into at least two departments, like Sales and Tech Support.

    To get there, open up your web panel, and click on the Call flow section. On whichever call tree you’d like, click the action menu (the seven dots, circled below), and then the green icon.

    call flow Omnivoice

    You’ll get a pop-up, which is pictured below. As we said above, Omnivoice does give you flexibility- which means you have a lot of options here!!

    Let’s start with the most obvious one- adding a new group. To add a new group, click the ‘Add group’ button. There, you can select from your available groups.

    For each group you create, you may then customize the voice greeting. As with other voice greetings in the web panel, you can easily upload your own, either using a file from your computer, from your phone, or create a new one via the voice studio.

    As it’s “Call to Group,” and multiple people will probably be in whichever group you pick, you can chose three ways of contacting said group- either sequentially (which means one after another will be called until someone picks up), simultaneously (all numbers will be called, and whoever picks up first will complete the call), or Round Robin (the first call goes to the first person on the list, the next to the next person, etc.).

    If there is no answer, you can change how the call is handled- you can have it automatically disconnect, call to another user (which you can of course set), play audio, leave a voicemail, or call any phone number.

    call to group

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